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2003 Forester parts for sale


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Hi all I have for sale some Subaru Forester parts, my car was a 2003 Forester all weather 2.0 manual car,

The parts I have for sale is

1 rear wheel bearing kit boxed brand new by Vetech

1 set of new boxed rear brake shoes( blue print)

1 genuine Forester rear dog guard( the proper one full adjustable !Removed! expensive from Subaru)

Looking for around £100.00 the lot will sell items on there own,would like to sell altogether tho.

Reduced to get shot of £80.00 ovno.

Selling as my beloved Forester was written off by some dithering old sold towing a caravan who should not have been aloud to push a pram let alone drive.

Regards Paul

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Where abouts are you? I'm interested if you're not a million miles away. I'll take the lot if the dog guard has all the adjusting feet and bits that push up against the roof. Don't suppose you have an old boot floor mat you could throw in to the deal too?

Sorry to hear about your forester; my BMW e91 M Sport was written off by a tool in an HGV a few weeks ago; i took the opportunity to scratch the itch I've always had for a Forester.

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Hi mate im in Buckden, Cambridgeshire about an hour away been down there many time to Turks boat yard.


yes the dog guard has the top adjusters, the side adjusters for puting it further in the car or backing it out, has the subaru steel badge on it, it is in great condition, i also have an alloy Battery strap and a billet alloy oil filer cap as well that can go in the lot


i dont have any thing else the insurance company took the car.


regards paul 

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