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WANTED Impreza WRX 2005 Driver door black


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I'm looking for a replacement driver side door for my impreza wrx 2005 in black. I'm not worried if it doesn't have a window, just as long as everything else and working - windows mechanism, impact bars etc.

Some **** smashed the door while it was parked and drove off...;((( Initially we thought it was just a dent and smashed window so booked auto glass, but had it assessed by a auto electrician and all the inners are buggered beyond repair!!

These doors seem quite hard to come by, but if found, are the wrong colour or literally just the Shell, which is no good to us. I would consider a different colour as we could get it recoloured, but would so much prefer black. Not too fussed either about having a few scratches as unfortunately ours us by no means immaculate, so open to see what's out there.

We are looking quite urgently as it's currently just bagged shut so any help of one of where to get one would be great!!


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Hi, I have a spare drivers side door in black, it is very scratched so would need to be re-painted but other than that it seems to be in good shape.










If you are interested then just let me know.

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