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2006 Impreza WRX Hawkeye 57,000 miles SL (leather interior) now £5000


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Hi all,

**I've now dropped the price down to £5000 as I've put a deposit on my new motor so need the space. I haven't seen any of the same spec for the money so it'll be a great bargin for someone **

I'm selling it due to family needs, have loved this car for the last 3 years, it's had 2 cambelts done, the last being at 32,000.

It's been extremely relible and hasn't given me any issues in all that time. Its been well looked after with regular fluid changes to keep it in it's good order. The interior is great with the rare full leather interior with electric sun roof.

The car is standard apart from an exhaust and i've put in a dvd, tv, sat nav unit.

The only bad parts is there is a 1 Inch crack in the front bumper and the wheels could do with a refurb, Scratch and scuff in MK quoted £250 to sort it all.

Any intrest or offers give me a call on 07868573246

I've tried uploading pics but they're too big so if you're guinely interested give me your email address and i'll ping some across.


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Hi, the one's I've tavken on my tablet are saying they're too big to post, text me your email address and i'll send some across, my number is 07868573246. I hope I'm aloud to do this on here but here's the eBay number with pics too which might be easier.


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Cheers for the link, ideally looking for a blue one though :(


I've gotta admit 5k for an 06 SL is quite tempting!


I'll keep browsing for the time being but I'll be sure to let you know if I change my mind.

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Ah no worries, anyway the blue ones are too common, stand out from the crowd in shiny silver!!! ☺ I've had a look around and i haven't seen any of the SL models that aren't wagons. It's a really good price now i've dropped it so it may not be around for too long, if you fancy coming and seeing it before you decide for sure just drop me a line. Thanks

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