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What Brake calipers does my 2004 Impreza sport have?

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I'm looking at getting some EBC Greenstuff brake pads off eBay. I've seen some for my model of car but after enquiring about them to the seller I was told it depends what type of calipers my car has. He mentioned if it's Tokico or another brand? How can I find out or can anyone send me a link for the correct type of brake pads of anyone has any knowledge of this? Cheers

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Hi Gaulson,

I'm guessing they're Tokico calipers as when I took the wheel off I could see Tokico on the caliper as you can see on the picture. I've also checked the back calipers but there was no branding on them, would these be Tokico as well? I've attached the images also. they seem to be pretty rusty on the back calipers. I'm going to rub these down and paint them I think.





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Yeah pretty sure Subaru would match front and back brands. If i get a bit of spare time tomorrow I can give you an idea of what they would look like painted if you like, If you give me a side picture of the car showing the calipers I will change the colour in photoshop :).

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