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Towing with a 2011 CVT


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Friend wants to by a 2011 2.5 Outback like mine and has seen one with about 70,000 miles on it but also a towbar. It's at a dealer so no way of knowing how often or what it has towed. He is nervous about CVT anyway after recently having one in a Nissan Qashqui  implode. 

Should he be concerned ? How robust is the Subaru CVT and can it tolerate towing ? 



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I've just bought one of these and intend to do a small amount of light towing. It's rated for 1800kg braked and 750kg unbraked. Permanent 4wd helps, but cvt fluid would need changing more regularly if towing alot. I've found mine to be a very smooth vehicle with cvt, but if I was going to do alot of heavy towing, I would have gone diesel manual. Cheers, paul

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