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Outback 2005 parking sensors?


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Hi folks


OK, as per my previous post, I picked up a 2005. 3.0R Outback today. So far so good. Checking everything I can, the only thing I've found so far is that the rear parking sensors don't seem to work.


Is there an on/off switch for them? I reversed up to my house, my son guiding me, and they never came on. Am I making some simple mistake?


Thanks, Mike

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Check there actually wired up lol

I have the opposite, the buggers go off constantly,,,, why ?? because some plum bust one and filled the hole with a grommet.

As the unit dosent get a reading from all the sensors, it thinks one is returning a closed signal and screams its head off .

Ive cut the wire to to the sounder temporarily


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