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Lincolnshire/Grimsby Meetup 7th October Jug & Bottle A16

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  1. Address: 
    The Jug & Bottle
    Louth Road
    Holton Le clay
    Grimsby DN36 5YN
  2.  Meet times 6pm-9pm 7th October 2015



Google Map


The Jug & Bottle:Facebook 




Right Guys/Gals 

Sorry about the late notice. And this might also be the last one of the year so good chance to have one last meet up before 2016 :D 




Hope to see you there. Happy Burbling       ;)

Meeting Rules
1. No idiotic driving on the roads surrounding the Meeting your behaviour represents us as a whole.

2. No leaving litter.
3. Do not partake in any other idiotic behaviour.
4. Have fun and meet fellow Subaru owners.   :)





And as always a big THANK YOU to the owner's/management and staff at The Jug & Bottle.

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I did try to get weekends mate but not many pubs have the grounds to host it on a weekend :( And the one I did try to get the field belonged to the village council and they wanted me to get £651 public liability insurance lol. I'm sorry if you trp your fingers in the door it's your own fault I wasn't paying that lol.

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No worries, like to get involved in local ish (sub 2 hours) meet ups. I am a family man though so day time and weekends are best for me. Will keep an eye out. Got a choice between Impreza and Forester now though!!

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Well maybe next year if you have a free weekday off when we do it can pop up and hang at mine for a few hours then pop along :D But understand mate same with me I have 3 kids :( I sometimes wonder why lol 

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