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Bugeye respray


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What colour is it now?

going from dark to white can be difficult. How thorough do you want them to be? door shuts? boot opening? under bonnet? engine bay? Inside boot?


if the car doesn't have any dents and you just want the outside doing, it's still going to be £1,500+

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I use 'webbs auto bodyshop' in Denaby. They did a full colour change respray from dark blue to black for a mate (we both know the owner) for £1,500. The quote was for £1,200, but there were loads of scratches and parking dents and that put the price up. I had a front end respray on my last blob, that was only £400 in metallic, obsidian black.

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Good re-sprays don't come cheap, as top quality paint and chemicals for two pack systems are expensive.

In the right hands these chemicals can produce spectacular results to your car.

There are many cowboy 're-finishers', as they like to call themselves, out there, so keep you money close to your pocket before handing it to a cowboy. There are also some fantastic re-finishers too, so it's not all bad!


Before diving in, do your best to try to check out any work that a refinishing shop may have done and hope that

the owner of any refinished vehicle will allow you to scrutinise the work they've had done. If they're pleased with the job, most owners will be proud to show off the handi-work of a good sprayer.

Recommendations are well worth checking out before you part with hard earned dosh.


Good luck in getting a great job done.



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