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Any local meets


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Hi Haydn, been thinking about trying to arrange a South Wales meet myself. DanPow posted something about a local meet as well. I did think of somewhere that might be a suitable venue up near Abergavenny so it could be combined with a decent drive on some nice roads. I'm going there for a ride on the bike today so if the owner is about I'll ask him if he'd have any objections to a bunch of car enthusiasts meeting up there (it's a bikers cafe) and at least that would be a possible venue. Problem is there only seems to be 3 of us on here showing any interest at the moment so I'm thinking we would probably need a bit more interest. I'm a bit old to be hanging around supermarket car parks and getting chased off by the police, if that sort of thing still goes on nowadays :) . If you've got any better ideas or know anyone else interested or if there's already a local meet going on let me know. I don't want to hijack anyone else's plans.

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Lol.i ride bikes myself and I know what cafe your on about.well I'm up for anything would be nice if we could get more intrests I'm willing to meet up anywhere as long as it's not 2 far cause the car does like to drink.just a good chat and a few drinks will do me fine.

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