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Drivers window not working


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Hi guys.

So I've had my hawkeye wrx for a week or so now and the drivers window has stopped working, I can hear the relay clicking when I use the switch but the window will not move, all of the other Windows work without an issue but the drivers will not go up or down.

I can see this has previously has a new switch (from a breakers I guess). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ian

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Either off the runner or the window reg. door card off, remove the plastic cover keep the switch connected and move it up and down to see if the runner is moving up and down as well as check to see if the window is still in the correct position. If not it's the regulator or motor as some call it. Common on these a real pain in the tail. You said you can hear it and the others work so the fuse is ok but worth a little look anyway. Second hand motor about £20-30?

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Iv heard of people doing it but never felt the need mate. Not a weekend job, half hour/45 mind with the right tools? Make sure you locate all the screws out of the door card and start popping the door from the bottom then work around and up. Check behind the actual door leaver and in the handle then pop pop pop. If you feel it's getting complicated for any reason, take photos on your phone and refer back to them. Lil trick I learned after I kept finding spare bits lol!!!

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