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Slight dissapointment and shot turbo


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Hi all. Just got back from Scoobyclinic and I'm slightly dissapointed with my blob. It has full decat, panel filter and remap and it makes only 240hp. I was expecting at least 260 to be honest but hey, more reasons to throw money at it lol.

The problem is with my missus bugeye. Turned out it was overfueling and knocking quite badly. It has cost her 275+vat for a sensor to get it sorted (ouch). Also according to them the turbo is on its last legs. Its leaking slightly and doesn't boost properly. There is a spike and a drop at 4k rpm and car made only 190hp. She has decided to do a full decat and remap but we need to source out a decent turbo first. Does anyone know any supplier for a standard TD04 in a good condition? Reconditioned perhaps? What would you expect to pay for a decent one? I've seen some brand new ones on eBay for £180 but I assume they are them chinese ones? Anyone has any experience with them?

Any advice welcome :)


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