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Help! How do I clip it Back in??


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Hi Guys,


Any Body Workshop People on here?   I need some help for a small replacement of clip between Front Bumper and Wheel arch?    Here's a photo to show the small problem of a small gap between front wheel-arch and bumper..













Anyone know how to press this clip back in to place without doing any damage?


Help appreciated..

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Morning Gambit,


I've tried pulling it out just enough so the clip attached to the upper part would drop back in to place; but they're so tight !  I'm afraid of doing some damage, and as you can see the car is in very nice condition.   Must be some body-workshop lads on this forum who can point me in the right direction to put the clip back?   It's only a very small amount of gap, but I'm fussy about everything being just right.

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I know what you mean mate and it is in great condition. Might be worth removing the grill and see if you can pull the bumpers plastic pins out to see if it will let you get a bit more slack to get it back in.

Not to sure about any body work guys on here I have a mate that does that but he's a Ford owner [emoji15]

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