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Which mid range all-season tyre?


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just joined forum having recently acquired a 2005 outback 2.5i, which is currently shod with 3 different brands of summer tyre, two of which will need replacing very soon. Looking at option of replacing all 4 with all season type.

My annual mileage isn't high - 7-8k. trying limit budget to about £65 per corner if poss. 

Have been suggested either Nexen N'Priz 4S or Nangkang N607 at about that price.

Would be most grateful for any feedback on experience with either tyre.


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Just purchased some new hoops today ...


Original fit are Yokohama geolandar G900's at around £110 - £130 each


online brings that down to any where between £95 -£150 (lol)


The specs for the Yoka are  215/55/17 94 V   ECB  - Fuel / Wet braking/ Noise -71Db


Interestingly these are classed as a midrange tyre.


Looking at what is currently on the outback it would appear that brand loyalty went southbound some time ago


Fronts are Nexen N 6000's which is a 94 W rating


One rear is a standard Geolandar


The other rear is a Pace PC70 98W


The Nexen's look like they were superseded some time ago, so it was search for an alternative


I narrowed it down to 3


Nexen N'fera  which is a 98W  coded CBC and has an XL sidewall - £51


Khumo Ecsta SPT KU31 which is a 94W  coded CAC but no reinforced sidewall  - £57


Falken Ziex ZE914 which is coded CBB  and has a MFS sidewall  - £64


Given i allready have Nexen's on the front, and they have lasted me 2 years with the milelage i cover


and returned approx 26mpg  and being the the non stiffened sidewall version,


Iv'e gone with the stiffened C rated option.


My next choise whould have been the Khumo's   folowed by the Falkens



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