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Central locking stopped working , and rear cabin light flashing..


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Hi,  I have a 05 legacy estate.. today it went in my local garage(not a subaru dealer)  as i had the traction control light on and engine light due to a rather qwick stop i had to do other night.. they all cleared ok and they said there was lots of old brake warning codes, so we are going to run her and see it it returns. Picked car up after garage had shut.. and i noticed the interior light was flashing..!!!!    anyway pressed fob , and lights flashed but NO click from door locks... , interior still flashing.... had to unlock using key... car started ok , but no joy with central locking... pressed the lock key on door but that just bleeped.... had to remove interior light bulb to stop it flashing.. have checked fuse , its ok.   I think theyve confused it by maybe opening with key ... ,its been working fine with no problems.. any ideas lads...  

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Well  been to subaru garage.. and it looks like my none subaru garage had put another conector together which is near data plug but just behind trim/mat.. apparently this is only connected when doing  fine adjustments on engine.. but they did not disconect  hence my central locking had stopped working and interior light was flashing.. ..    Thats that sorted.  Still had my managent light come on on way home.. but its the P0420 code.. Catalyst systerm Efficiancy Below Threshold... .Block one.  


So need to know how many wires the sensor/ sensors have on my 05 3.0 Rn..   as iam going to replace both i think.

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