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Leak down test results


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Last Saturday me and my better half went to Scoobyclinic to have our cars remapped. The results were: her bug 275hp, my blob 250hp. Mods are:

bug: decat up pipe (std but gutted), downpipe, 3" toyosports catback

blob: decat up pipe (aftermarket), downpipe, 3" toyosports catback, panel filter, Walbro 255, Forge recirc DV

As you may have guessed I was slightly dissapointed. Especially as bug is 100k miles engine, mine is 71k and last year had head gaskets done. So the following Monday I was back at the clinic for the leak down test to check engine condition. Results are:

Cyl 1 - 6

Cyl 2 - 0

Cyl 3 - 2

Cyl 4 - 4

All I assume are %, am I right? So it doesn't seem to be that bad. They suggested slightly tired turbo but it does have correct boost and afr. I do agree that boost graph is smoother on my gf's bug, could that be the reason of 25hp gap?

Oh and other thing is, she was running V-Power, I was on Tesco 99. Could that play a role in the difference?

Thanks for any input :)

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I have heard of 'lazy' turbos that don't like to make power but there's various factors-

A) fuel

B) aftermarket up pipe and down pipe, how well do they flow?

C) oil thickness can create drag

D) variation in build tolerance, compression ratio after h/g change

E) when was your filter last cleaned/replaced?

So many little things that could affect the outcome. What tyre pressures were you both running? You could even be getting leak from your d/v under pressure that's restricting boost. The main thing is how it drives, bhp don't mean owt if it doesn't deliver it well.

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Hers is Japspeed downpipe, 3", brand new. Mine is unknown make, been told it may be 3"-to-2.5" which I am unsure of. I've measured it with a vernier and it seems 3" all the way. Oil is 10w60 mine, 5w30 hers so mine is much thicker. Not sure about her compression or filter change. I had a look at it and it does seems to be clean. Well, my goal is 300hp, I have VF35 and hawk blue injectors to fit and I hope that will help me get very close to my goal. If my td04 really is a main reason of low power then replacing it with vf35 should take me above 300hp. If there is more reasons my car got only 250 after remap then vf35 should  just get me much closer to 300hp and I'll be happy either way :)

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A 10-60 is a pretty heavy oil. That will cause some drag for sure. The main focus is the drive not the ultimate figures. The td04 should be good for at least 270hp. No point in 30bhp extra if you have to be flat out to get it!

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I have borrowed her car yesterday to get to work and back and it has felt slightly better. Not really "more powerful" just more responsive, turbo seems to spool quicker than on mine so maybe my turbo really is a bit tired... I know with vf35 it will be even worse for lag but at least the "kick" should be a bit better :) To be honest thats what I remember from my old classic I had a few years ago. This one doesn't seem as fast due to me riding a 1000cc bike just recently I guess and it may be hard to get that feeling back now lol

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