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2007 wrx hatchback differences


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Hi Guys


Recently bought a '57 plate wrx hatchback, born/made in december 2007.

Now I know that my spoiler is different from the later hatchbacks, ie its tiny.


Anyone in the know what other things the later ones have that mine doesn't?


Also when looking for parts everything lists the hatchback wrx parts as being 2008 onwards, is mine still covered by this?



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hi i have a 2007 wrx hatch and i was the same when looking for parts for my build,everything says 2008,well your ok to get 2008/9 wrx parts as they will fit,rear spoiler is tiny i changed mine to a sti spoiler just the same fittings,if you buy a front splitter just make sure its for a wrx not a sti,tarmac sport has a lot stuff to fit your car.





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Hey Aucky cheers for that.

I have been browsing parts on there since I got the car. Just wanted to make sure they'd fit.

I think an sti spoiler would be a bare minimum.

Kind of want something a little bigger. Good to know it will fit the same holes though. Are the 3rd brake lights the same or would I need the sti version light too?

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the brake light wont fit out of your wrx spoiler,a lot come with brake light as well,you would have to check if supplied,if not then a brake light out of a blobeye wrx spoiler fits as that is what is fitted in mine as it didnt come with 1.if you want a bigger spoiler then the sti then these have everything 




i just ordered a rear light from them.

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a few differneces with the WRX compared to a STi.


Spolier off the STi will fit your car, The STi front grille does also. All 'cheapish' upgrades that make a load of differnce.


all of them are 2008 (MY08)

even a 2010 will still be known as MY08 as they were all made at the same time and sold in low numbers.

the STi in 2011 (MY11) had upgrade on teh bumper. alloys changed and interior was overhauled with the better Recaro seats (found on the 330s and the euro import cars)


Don't forget if you look for alloys.. you are 100pcd (not 114.3) so you have loads to pick from at great prices. 

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