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Hi :-) New forester owner with questions.


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Hi guys,

I have just purchased my first forester. Its a 56 plate (07) Forester 2.5 XT Prodrive. All I can say is WOW!!! I love this car. Fun and incredible practical for my dogs, children and fishing (Not necessarily in that order ;-) ). I have one complaint, I do not like the Stereo. I own zero CD's. All my music is on my computer/memory stick. I don't want to replace the Stereo if I can help it. I have found a cable the connects to a 20 pin CD changer plug and will allow me to use a USB mass storage device. Does the 6 disc stock head unit have this on the rear? If not can anyone recommend another option? Any other useful Forester tips will be greatly appreciated. The rear suspension looks and rides fine, the divers door motor and regulator has been replaced. I have ordered some strips of rubber for the front window trim to try and reduce the wind noise. I will order a new satnav disc from an 'online source' once I decide if mine is a core 1 or core 2 system. Thanks in advance, and once again, I LOVE THIS MACHINE!!!!!!!



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I'll have a look at the back of the old head unit from my 2005 2.5XT. 

From memory, there are no such outputs or I probably would have bought a GROM Bluetooth module. Also the sound was appalling from the standard head unit from memory. I bought an Alpine CDEW235BT which was less than £100 at the time and comes with a USB slot on the front and a PAROT hands free Bluetooth built in and Bluetooth audio streaming. It fits straight into the existing slot with no hacking.

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On 9/4/2016 at 8:39 AM, theador said:

Very late response, there weren't any of these outputs. Regarding wind noise, I took some mole grips to the triangle by the wing mirrors and pressed them back together, this massively reduced wind noise.

Hi can you explain exactly what you did here ? mine has always suffered with wind noise. Thanks

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The triangle at the front of the door, from the top point and then all the way down the trailing edge, l got a couple of strips of wood to protect the finish and then compressed the inside and outside together with mole grips. Over time - particularly if you shut the door by pushing the window - the inside and outside pieces become  pushed apart. Doing this provided the biggest improvement in wind noise reduction. 

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