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Glad to be back


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I have been off the road since december 2013 and have just found out if i dont buy and insure a car buy the 24th of june then my NCB will become invalid :(

so im viewing it as the kick up the a** i need to get back on the road :)

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whole of the UK mate, i dont mind travellingfor the right car. Nope no pressure, sole earner in the house, 2 kiddies and a bank balance thats just been raped by a fat bloke
who has a fondness for reindeer haha

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yer i heard he hit a few houses that night haha, cheers mate im thinking with my time frame and taking tax and insurance into accout im hoping to have about £1500 to spend by june, currenly only looking at UK2000's unless i can find a insurer what will insure a import at a fair price for me

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