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No life in the car/wont start


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Hi Guys/Girls :) I went to go to work this morning and went to start the car the lights on the dash lit up then nothing its like as if there is no life in the car at all wont start or lock etc

Am all new to subaru's so ive no idea what it is,Waiting on the garage to contact me about it as i think it will need to go in for it to be looked at as there is another couple of wee issues with it.


Cheers Graham

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I had checked the Battery this morning all looked good to me,so rang the garage and they send a guy out a loose terminal it was yet looked ok to me lol need to change my glasses i think :D


Heres a wee pic of the car will get a few in daylight,only one i got in the daylight is when a coach caught the front off the car on a small roundabout :( so dented and scraped only had the car a week too.


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