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Forester Service Issues


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I have just serviced our 2011 Forester fitted with a 2.5 litre FB20 motor.

Two issues arose and I would like to see if other have had the same experience.

Firstly, I changed the spark plugs as per the service schedule. They recommend changing the plugs at 96 000km and the car has done 120 000km. These plugs are pricy and can only be bought from the agents in the UK (GBP 25 per plug). To be honest, had it not been for the difficulty of getting them out, I would have simply cleaned the old ones and put them back, there was very little, if any, sign of wear. In my view these plugs can go a lot longer than 120 000 km. Has anyone had the same experience?

Secondly, the oil filter is mounted on top of the engine making it easy to access but it is orientated 'upside down' (compared to how they are normally mounted). The difficulty I had that was as soon as the seal is broken the contents of the filter pours out and unless you are ready for that, it makes quite a mess. Has anyone found a solution to this?

Comments from others who have services the same motor would be appreciated.

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