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Looking for good car clean!


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Hey folks,

Just got back from trip to Scotland and picked up loads of salt.

Don't have hosepipe at flat so need to take it somewhere to wash it off.

Anyone know of a good place to go in south east London?



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I live in a terraced house so cant always park right outside to run my hose so I get a couple of watering cans. One 10 litre watering can will rinse half my classic. Bit of a chore having to go and get more water if needed but at least I can wash it myself. I trust no one to wash and work on my car lol. A couple of trips to a garage jet wash is quite expensive imo and would pay for a watering can.

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I was considering creating similar thread as well for South East London, as soon I will be looking for non automatic decent car wash. I was wondering if there is any self wash ones where you just put some money in and wash it yourself.

From rough internet search I heard that some Shell garages have these self wash car washes. I seen on in Bromley, can't remember if it is self wash or someone actually washes for you. Its in London Rd, Bromley.

I will need to check it out one day.

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