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2011 WRX STI Nav/Stereo issues

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Hi all, I've owned my 2011 WRX STI for just over a week now. The previous owner had the original head unit removed from the car and orderd (the one pictured) from subaru as a replacement. Is this unit a Genuine Subaru unit? The reason I ask is beacuse it doens't seem to work properly with the steering wheel controls, it also doesnt seem to work with the USB port or Aux socket. Could it just be a fitting problem?

I'm also shocked that this unit also doesn't seem to have Bluetooth.

Can anyone offer any advice if this is correct....


Thanks Nick


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12 hours ago, Nick Baines said:

Salsa, should the usb port and Aux work with it mate?

there's no USB on my car and the AV connection is in the centre seat consol, next to the 12v adaptor.


I'f i plug my Mp4 in via the AV sockets It plays on the screen/sound but you can't control the MP4 from the steering wheel or the head unit of course. I know ppl burned music to DVD's and then they can play on the head unit and have the steering wheel controls working.

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