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Radio Upgrade


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Hi, I went to subaru dealer today for a service and whilst I was there I asked if there was a suitable audio unit that would go in my car as my current unit is a cd radio with Bluetooth and reverse camera. However I would like one with sat nav in and Dab as well as being touch screen. They did have one which he recommended for me but it was £1200.00 and it wasn't Dab. He also told me that it takes at least 4 hours to fit so that all controls work which I thought was a case of plugging it in with right connections.

Anyway I have also seen some decent looking units in Halfords that look better with better features for around £300.00 - £400.00 and according to their website they will fit my car and just wondered if anyone has bought these as I want my steering wheel controls to work and telephone buttons as well as reverse camera.

So has anyone had one and was there any connection or compatibility  issues with these kenwood or pioneer units.

My car is a 2013 Subaru Forester, thanks in advance

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I have a Pioneer AVIC 860 unit which I'm really happy with. This unit doesn't have DAB but this range does have a DAB spec and would be the one I'd choose now. I have it fitted in a 2014 STi and is fully integrated with all controls, BT and reversing camera. Looks like a good install but was put at new by previous owner.

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Put a tablet in the dash i did in my 15 sti works really well google map films ect and you can run dab radio though it to i used a nexus 7 fits well in the hole if you fancy taking it on installing one let me know i can help i have streeing wheel controls working to ect 

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On 26 February 2016 at 1:13 PM, dgarside said:

This is the unit I'd go with now given the choice.


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I went for this one in the end except it is the updated version F980 dab, Seems to have everything I am after and much more. Will be fitted in a few days and all steering control buttons and reverse camera will still work.

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Had this pioneer avic-f970dab fitted today, wow what a unit very pleased with it, all wired properly to utilise rear camera and steering controls. going to have a read of the manual then get playing:biggrin:  Terry.

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