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My 06 subaru impreza r sport seats


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How much are these worth? Putting feelers out for interest

Im looking at selling once I've got some others which will be soon

They are in good condition well looked after back seats are like new,

Also going to be selling the door cards

The seats i have are these (will get my own photos when these go on sale)



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I replaced my seats for some leather ones a few months back... Sold the seats alone for £150 on eBay (they are the same as wrx seats of the same year so can sell them as wrx seats)... Just out of interest, what replacements have you gone for?

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ive just gone for some wrx ones out of a blob, got some for a very good price and i prefer the colour and wanted the black effect inside not to keen on the grey areas,

would of loved leather but way out my price range 

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Fair enough.. I got the leather ones from a blob wrx sl- only cost £250 so take off the money I got for my old seats only cost me £100! If you've got the doorcards from the blob too you may have some problems fitting as they are a different fit i'm afraid :/

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Ok so as mentioned before im looking to sell my Seats as ive got some others fitted today,

these are in brilliant condition much better than most you will see on ebay 

open to offers but looking for around £125 mark as there are worse than that on eBay at the moment for more money

also have all 4 door cards in good condition






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