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which to buy :S


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So now im actually close to having my cash together to finally get my first scoob and iv spent months researching and planning every detail of a big horsepower build ( all for a classic )

iv spotted a couple of Bugeyes in my prospective price range and just cant help but think should i be getting one of them instead ?!


the only big difference off the bat for be is the insurance is a touch more for the bug over the classic (uk2000)

any advice or opinions welcome

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thanks for the reply marty

the car will be my daily but mainly used for fun and shows but i do need to retain the ability to transport the kiddie's and the odd family trip away. I’m shooting for big horse power but mainly focused on acceleration over top speed ( we have no motorways and about 300m of dual carriageway if you can even call it that ) my budget to buy the car isn’t going to be much over £1500 unfortunately as iv got to buy it before the 24th of June ( or i lose my NCB )

iv never really considered the bugeyes until a mate started tagging me in ones for sale on Fbook in my price range.

and once the ideas been put in my head well that’s it lol

EDIT: im also only looking at coupes not interested in wagons

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A bug would make a more practical family car whilst still being plenty quick enough for fun. You should find something half reasonable for that price but i would image it would need some work. I've got a new age that I was doing 400 miles a week in, and it is a fantastic all rounder. Any classic you are looking at now will be at least 16 years old, and they can rust (but so can a bug). Plus the new age ones have slightly longer gearing and a bit more refined so aren't quite as thirsty. Drive a couple and buy the best you can at that price range!

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cheers marty, yer appeciate what condition motor the money is going to get me unfortunatly i can move that deadline or i would gather up more funds first.

yer i think a couple of back to back test drives would be a good idea.

thanks for the advice :D

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