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24 hours of ownership


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Well its been 24 hours now since I picked up my 2007 Forester 2.5XT and to be honest I frickin love it, I am coming from a mildly tuned Legnum VR4 to this and I feel so much happier driving the FSXT than I ever did with the legnum, even on standard shocks and ride height the ride is very compliant and controllable, it does lean a bit too much though so some 22mm whiteline sway bars are going on, the only down side is that when I got it home after a long drive I had noticed a surging to the acceleration on mild to moderate throttle changes , I plugged in my diagnostic and the O2 sensor is looking quite lazy with only one sweep of voltage per second and slow to react to throttle input, have ordered one of them already and that will be fixed by this weekend so it should all be gravy by then....roll on fossie ownership

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I have just bought a 2006 2.5XT and like it but cant help feeling I want my old Legnum VR4 back!  

I thought if I can in future get 280+BHP out of the Fozzy then maybe I will be happier with it.  I had it serviced and remapped on dyno to just shy of 250BHP and around 300 ft/lb torque and if im honest am not that impressed even though its quite fun.  All in its a great package.....just wondering if the dyno is fibbing (it is an auto but so was my VR4).

Looking into exhausts at the moment.

I will be interested to follow your mods in future after the roll bar




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