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05 Blob eye drivers side electric window motor

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Evening chaps hope all is well. Another fault showed itself yesterday being the drivers side electric window. It was intermittent then stopped working altogether and the window stuck half open. Today checked switch got power to motor but nothing. Had a real fun time trying to remove motor and regulator :angry: I kind of lost my temper when trying to remove the assembly and bent the regulator arms :unsure: It would not have been a problem removing if the motor was sort of working and you could lower and raise to remove bolts that hold the window When the motor fails it makes it very hard to remove. Does anyone know where i can get a new regualtor and motor from ? there are used ones on eBay but i kind of want a new unit for peace of mind. However if someone is breaking a 2005 wrx and have a drivers side motor and regualtor thats in good condition let me know :) thanks guys


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