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Killerwaxx Carnauba Paste back in stock - but be quick!


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KILLERWAXX Paste wax is now back in stock! (STRICTLY NO DISCOUNT CODES)

We have JUST 10 of these MASSIVE 14oz tins available, with a further 10 tins currently in Australia due to a postal issue by the Courier (don't ask!!) 
and the fact that the last 9 tins sold out in under an hour, these 10 tins will no doubt not hang around either! At what point we get the stock currently doing its rounds in Australia is anyone's guess, but it may be some time! 

KILLERWAXX Paste wax is Grade #1 Brazilian Carnauba wax and is 100% pure. It's the strongest your going to find on the market and will provide valuable protection for 6 months.

Applied with a Flexipad Pro Applicator Pad, the wax goes on like butter and comes off just as easy without leaving any white residue!

There is no requirement to rub hard like other waxes on the market, just allow to haze over and buff off with a quality microfibre cloth or microfibre XL Drying Towel of the ultimate deep glossy shine!

This tin of KILLERWAXX Paste Wax is a huge 14oz and will last you a very long time! The picture shows the size compared to our Collinite 915 which was our largest tin.

When you buy Killerwaxx, you are buying quality, quality that is used at many many car shows, by some of the finest detailers in the World who travel to America to buy! This is used in top end, high class Car Shows such as SEMA in Las Vegas! 

Be ahead of the game and be one of the first to use KILLERWAXX anywhere outside of the United States of America!!

ONLY £39.99!!



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