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Alarm problem, help required


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I have a 2001 Forester S turbo with what I believe to be a SIgma S30 alarm.  Up until yesterday everything was fine with the alarm system.  The car has been in for a replacement clutch today and now there is a problem with the alarm.  Apparently the Battery was disconnected for some time and now when I lock the car with the remote, the indicators flash, the alarm beeps for 15 seconds and then goes off.  The garage said I had to reprogram the remote but surely it is still programmed as it locks and unlocks the car?  Anyway, I tried using the PIN code on the keypad in the glove box and *91 to reprogram the remote, but it is still doing the same thing.

Can anyone offer me any help on this?

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Brilliant! Thank you very much.

I looked under the bonnet and the switch has no wires coming from it, so they have obviously forgotten to reconnect it.   I have tried looking for any loose wires attached to a connector but without success.  Where should I look?   

 I just found that the wire come in from the rear of the switch, and in fact the switch had been bent down a little as you suggested.  Now I have bent it back, everything is fine.  Once again, thanks.



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