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Advice on recent timing belt done

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Hi all just a quick one really. I had my Subaru Sport timing belt changed recently by my local garage. Who happens to be a Subaru specialist. He even rallies them and builds them. Since having it done I have noticed when sat in traffic on tick over the car wobbles very slightly. I ignored it for a while but then my friend got in the car and he felt it and mentioned it. I wondered if the belt was a tooth out so I took it back to the garage however he is adamant everything is normal. 

It definitely never used to wobble. It's always been a quiet comfy car. 

The revs don't change when it's wobbling and nothing sounds wrong when your going at some speed. I trust that he's right when he says the timing is right but I just can't help but feel something must be wrong. Any help would be great. Thanks 

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Only way to be sure is take timing covers off and check all the alignment is right or get a reputable garage to check it for you no reason it should be wrong if he,s a good mechanic but one thing you don't want to be worrying about is the timing belt...😊

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