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Gearbox guru needed

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Hi, at some point me and my mates will be stripping my mr2 mk1 down to its bare Shell for restoration and will be doing an engine swap, one of the ideas is an ej25 (not sure on the gen), I know there will be size issues but I should be able to make it fit (someone did do a v8 swap).

Basically what I need to know is things about the gearbox as I have a few routes to take to make the swap work.

First is just using the normal fwd diff from the subaru gearbox but the full gearbox could be far too long for the car so I dont suppose someone could measure their gearbox for me? I just need the overall length and then the length from the front diff to the end of the gearbox.

If that is too long then does anyone know of other gearboxes that will fit, possibly just a fwd Subaru gearbox if it is shorter or if there is any gearboxes that should be mounted transversely  in a fwd car but then weld the diff and treat it like a rwd box as this type of gearbox is shorter that the normal subaru gearbox (I think) and should fit better as the actual drive comes out next to/underneath the engine instead of exiting quite a bit of away from the engine, meaning the engine may be able to fit in the engine bay without needing to cut the firewall.

Another thing is if the normal gearbox fits in the car fine but the diff does not line up with the hubs then I could again weld the diff and then send the power 90 degrees and back into a rwd diff.

Thanks for reading, if anybody has any other ideas on my gearbox issues  then please let me know.

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