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Hi im selling my Toyosport exhaust system full turbo back  it has a very very nice low tone and makes me smile everytime I drive it but.. if you come to a speed bump it will 85% likely scrape. it sits very low due to the japanese style.

so I recomend someone fit it to a track car or someone who doesnt care? its also illegal so im not too fussed about removing it. I had it fitted 2 weeks ago and there is a lot of speed bumps around my area so its an absolute pain in the behind but it is a great cheap system :)

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Have you fitted it yourself? I have that exhaust and my gf has it on her bug and on both cars it seats very high, I even had to bend brackets to make it seat lower as it was constantly knocking on the undercarriage somewhere...

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mines the total opposite. I had jm imports fit it for me. its so damn low so scrapes. they seem to have tried to get the jap style back box effect and therefore sits really low so it comes out at an upward angle :(

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