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Urgent ball joint help!!!


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Hi folks....

Don't suppose anyone knows what size and thread the bolt that clamps the top of the suspension ball joints is? Or where I could get a replacement?

I thought I was doing really well today, went to change out the ball joints, one side complete no issues and the ball joint on the second side also almost done but when I went to put the bolt in that clamps on top of the ball joint the rusty bolt decided it didn't want to play.... HELP!!

Thanks in advance for any help guys....

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Perfect Mark....thanks for your help. Head of the bolt was fine, just the threads that were rusted to ×*×*!!

Hopefully they'll do the bolt separately, if not I'll have a couple of spare Ball joints for next time 😂😂

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When I got mine it was separate, only did a quick search typing pinch bolt, you might have to go through the menus, type of car etc etc and it might be on there under a different name sold separately :) some of their things are also on eBay with icp in the image, so always good to check the website first before eBay :)

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