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Classic Impreza ignition removal?

Mark D

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Hi, trying to slide out the tumblers on the car, on the second hand one I got the pin pushes in easily whereas the one on the car the pin doesn't move at all!

Is this the right pin or what am I doing wrong? The key and or tumblers are worn, jiggles in the slot etc. Tried key in all positions, starting to annoy me now!675d8ba5e75453ff98a30cc2e68c6759.jpg675d8ba5e75453ff98a30cc2e68c6759.jpg

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Hmmm never mind, the one that was given looked different with different plastics on the outside etc but was only interested in changing the insides... found out the one on the car is a type that needs the 'pins' drilled at either side to slide it out :/ boohoo

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Oh well incase anyone gets into the position I was in:

The ignition lock on the car was one where the dowels had to be drilled out to get the barrel out and the one I was given had a pin you could push to slide the barrel out.. Need to remove the old one anyway to drill both sides so ended up sliding the barrel out, reusing that white plug and slid the old plastic ring over the new lock.

Bit loose on the steering lock as the metal was shaped different but just got new bolts to be able to put the whole thing on tighter so it doesn't jiggle around, all works as it should :)

(Apart from at the moment chip is in the old key, so just need that against the circle bit of plastic when starting, but after starting it can be removed :)

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