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Bugeye Side Skirt reattachment


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Working through the snag list on my recently acquired Bugeye Wagon;

My passenger side side skirt (factory black plastic) is pulling away slightly from the body in one spot; no cracks no missing fixtures.
Is there a recommendation to replace or could this be fixed/ sealed with silicone sealant.

aside from looks my biggest concern is water ingress into the sills.

Im likely to have to have these taken off for some welding during MOT in December so if best replaced wanted to source a new one now. 

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1 minute ago, aucky said:

Have you tried bangin it back on with your hand it may just be 1 the plastic fastners needs popping back into its hole.

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I haven't to be honest, `i was thinking about taking the whole thing off and reattaching- slightly too scared to be honest due to my skills.

maybe i'll give it a shot closer to December;

I might take you up on that offer too; or i could arrange a courier...


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Their fastned on with plastic gromets about 6 inch apart if i remember right along front edge just give it a tap or a push were its lifting and you will hear it clip back in if it is just that.

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appreciate that; i'll clean up where the clips are and take a proper look again Monday; fingers crossed

If its warped etc i'll get in touch about yours.

Is there a Haynes manual/ other preferred manual that covers the 2001 Bugeye?


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