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Forester misfire maybe??


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Evening All,

I'm new around here and have today bought a 2006 Forester 2.5XT.  I've looked around before buying and am really happy with it, it's in straight order, FSH and not silly money. I got the train up to Birmingham, test drove it, all was well so I bought it and drove it 70miles home down the M40.

I'm going to get it in ASAP to have a service and check over but I'm sure I noticed a slight misfire. 70 - 85mph cruising in top and there seems to be the odd bit of what I can only describe as 'holding back and then letting go' if that makes sense.... nothing dramatic but definitely noticeable. I mentioned it to my Dad who, in his 70's isn't that mecahanically minded and he said 'sounds like coil packs, same thing happened on my Jag...'!

Anyone recognise this and is he likely correct? I want to make sure I get the thing right before using it in earnest.

Many thanks,


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