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Impreza Blobeye Nurburgring Toy


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Well I feel its about time I start a project thread for the little wrx, there is a lot that's gone on since owning my 03 Blob wrx and ill spread it over a few posts so it wont be a huge read in one go (and hopefully will keep your attention).
Anyway. I brought the car in November 2015 with the following-
PPP package
brembo sti calipers
GFB dump valve  
UK300 Spoiler
Went for a drive round the evo triangle with the mrs :D
I was very happy with how the car was at this point and enjoyed it for a few months other than giving it a service (plugs,oil,diff oil, filters)
then I started looking at making it handle and stop....

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So after owning the car for several  months, giving it the obligatory service and odd job It was time to buy some nice parts and gadgets.
HKS turbo timer and harness
Defi Boost gauge
A pillar Mount
. My primary focus was (and always will be) get the carturning and stopping properly first then add power/lightness later.
So the first job, with a local sprint day looming was tochange the tyres, inspect the discs and pads then change the fluid.
The tyres that I brought the car with (Potenza RE020) weretotally shot so I did some very hard decision making and went with some PotenzaRE707. I went with these purely for the fact they were designed for the Imprezafor a race series on the Tsukuba circuit and I fancied being a subie snob.
Overall thoughts on them now after 10months driving on themthey are a good all rounder tyre however I wouldn’t want to use them in Heavyrain/standing water.
The Sprint day was at my local baby track Curborough, whereit belted down rain all morning but did clear up thankfully after 11ish. I wasthe first out on track as no one would go on with it “being way to wet” insteps the Subaru.
As you can see there was a wide difference in machinery that eventually followed on track :D
Had a good day but its not really a Subaru stomping groundand I didn’t really get out of second gear. Still it got me more familiar withthe scoob which is never a bad thing.
Heres some vid, not sure how to show them in the thread other than a link
Evo eating a gearbox

Not much more was done for a few months as We had aEuro/nurburgring trip date set so was saving for that. I was meant to go in theImpreza but due to a friend not having a passenger I jumped in his supra andhalved the cost then I borrowed a rent4ring swift when we got there. More onthat next instalment

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So as I mentioned in my last post we had a euro trip planned. The Original plan was for my “Better half” and I to go over in the Pig but due to her work she could get the time off but still urged me to go (what a gal:notworthy) I was still planning on going even though the cost would be alot higher on my own but in the end one of the guys dropped out and my mate Aid had a spare seat going in the white Supra so I jumped in with him and halved the cost.
Now prior to the trip I had purchanced my first Gopro in the form of the Gopro session. I tried it out prior to the trip to make sure it worked, connected to my phone and did everything it should.
 Unfortunatly pretty much as soon as we got off the eurotunnel it got ridiculously hot and totally froze (actually burned me) Then wouldn’t turn off until it ran out of Battery. So I am missing a lot of photos and vids I would have of this trip but ill add some of the ones I have that the others took.
I have some food allergys so I was an experience for me trying to find stuff to eat with all the driving involed with the trip and miles coverd it was a challenge at petrol stations and truck stops.
 I ate Salmon or steak nearly everyday in one form or another and survived on fruit and crisps inbetween meals. (Salon in Dijon and Lake Comois best, trust me in a professional :norty: )
The Trip consisted of
Night One:
Holiday Inn Folkestone. Boring waiting to get going. But a great Hotel
Night Two:
Dijon, France. Great Food, Beautiful buildings (im the Weirdo in the red cap :Whatever_)
Night Three:
Hotel Columbus Monte Carlo, Monaco . !Removed! expensive, VERYclean, got told off for have my shirt off (Seemed like the british thing to do) also the zoo there is awesome :Suspiciou
Night Four & Five:
B+B Hotel  Como ,Italy. The hotel we stayed in wasn’t the best or the area but Lake Como itselfit absolutely beautiful. Food was awesome

Night Six -Nine:
Ferienpark Nürburgring. As youd expect AWESOME
When we got to the ring I was so excited to get in one of the Rent4ring swifts as id heard such good things. And it didn’t disappoint, loved driving this little purple berry round the ring, it genuinely supprised us all how well it performed.
UNFORTUNATLY (I see a pattern of Gopros F##king me over) I borrowed a friends Gopro and halfway through my first lap the gopro fell off the roof, the second lap it ran out of Battery, third lap it stopped recording half way round for no reasonand then I gave up bothering.
So I have no idea BTG times or anything (not that I was going for BTG times but would be nice to have known)
Rented a BBQ Hut
Night Ten:
Belgium. We found theroads to be aweful but the people were nice. No pics of here at all though.
After Leaving the ring I was very down and instantly wanted to go back (queue Cheers theme tune)
When I got back to the UK I knew next time I would 100% bein the scooby next time I/We went to the ring (2017) and I needed to start pulling my finger out and getting it to a decent spec so It would handle the Green Hell better than its current state (more orless stock:nopity:)
So the next instalment- Money spent, Firm things, Bendy bars, Stoppy things,    

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So this post brings us up to present day more or less.
After coming back from the ring I knew I needed to get it stopping and turning properly so I set about spending some money...
I attacked it with my usual outlook, "itll only take me a day"
So fast forward 3 days and the cars still in the air due to it being a huge wang of a job (or atleast for me on my drive) to get the bushes out the front arms.
luckly I don't have to use the car everyday (or at all really) so it wasn't an issue. 
the CL5 pads squeal like a pig, I expected some noise but they are really bad.
I currently have the mixtex pads back in for road use but for track/ring ill use the CL5's
current list of upgrades since back from the Ring in july
Prodrive Silicone Ypipe
Prodrive ECU
Prodrive 3rd CatDelete
Afterburner Cat Back
Green Panel Filter
GFB Respons Dumpvalve
HKS LTD Edition TurboTimer
Braided Clutch Line
Exedy Pinkbox Clutch
RCM LightweightFlywheel
BC Type RA CoilversWith pillowball topmounts
Whiteline Front ARB
Whiteline Rear ARB
Whiteline Anti-Liftkit
Powerflex BlackEdition Steering Rack Bushes
Powerflex Arm Bushes
Eaibach camber bolts rear
New OEM Balljoints
New OEM Track Rod Ends
New OEM Inner Tie Rods
New Drop links
Brembo’s Front and rear been fully Recon'd and powder coated
Braided brake lines
Godspeed G hook Discs
Carbone Loraine RC5+ pads(currently running Mintex Road pads)
Bridgestone PotenzaRE070
STI alloys (To FitOver Brembo’s)
Geometry Setup ToFastRoad spec By Kev at Aline
HKS LTD Edition TurboTimer
Defi Boost Gauge
STI Prodrive “Twisty”Sideskirts
Rare Prodrive uk300Spoiler From Factory
Since the upgrades iv had it setup twice to try and get it where im happy but im struggling to enjoy driving it in the current state.
I Took it for a blast round Silverstone last month and as daft as it sounds it felt over capable, in a sense that it needed very little driver input to go round and go round fast.
I felt almost like a passanger.
it feels very tame and id like it abit more raw.
I have been told that I need 400+ bhp and then itll be fun......
but that's not happening.
im currently in a big decision as to keep it and up the power to around 300, striped with a cage and seats.
To sell up and look at building an E36, DC2 integra, Clio 172 cup or similar
it will be tucked away for winter and either beefed up alittle or sold in the spring/summer.

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