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2012 Legacy 2.0D SE Spacesaver spare wheel help please?

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Hi all, recently bought a 2.0 D SE Legacy "sports tourer" (estate as they used to be called haha)

In the wheel well in the boot, is a mysterious bottle of gunk and a compressor, which I'd like to replace with a spacesaver spare wheel (for now, I'd rather have a full sized spare)

The only spacesaver wheels I can find are 16" ones, my car has 18" wheels, the ad for the spacesaver says it is acceptable to use a 16" in an emergency ...

Is it really though? Is he just saying that to sell me a wheel?

Any help would be appreciated, have got a lot of miles to do over Christmas and would like the confidence of having an actual wheel rather than the bottle of whatever in the boot!

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Hi,  I should have thought more.  Your  car had 17" x 100 PCD as standard so you have after market wheels on it.

We may have a spacesaver that is 17" x 100 .  But can you tell me have you got Brembo brakes , or standard sliders. as the offsets are different..

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