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Subaru Outback 2004


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My Outback is for sale. It's a 2004 S model, 2.5 petrol, manual in green and grey and MOT'd until October 2017.

I've had the car most of its life - bought it in March 2007 with 40,000 on the clock and used it constantly since then with all services and any other work carried out to the schedule at my local Subaru dealer (Twyford). They replaced the clutch in 2015 after about 162k miles. The last full service was late April 2016. The car is now on 182k miles 

At the last MOT I replaced the catalytic converter and the drop links, The only advisories are two of the tyres- but still have some life yet.  

I fitted a tow bar this year with 7 pin electrics and indicator bleepers that all work fine. It was to tow a motorcycle trailer which it has done for less than 100 miles!. Apart from that it has not towed at all. In fact the car has had a pretty gentle life - mainly transporting me alone to work every day - a 50 mile round trip through the country with virtually no stops and max speed 60 mph (probably why the clutch lasted so long). It comes with a dog guard for the back which came with the car but never used - I don't have a dog! The car has never been in a collision and has no major dings etc. I am a non-smoker. See recent picture with the trailer hooked up, it needed a wash. I'll upload more pics when I can.

The down sides - not much. It has some scratches on the bumper corners and there are some stone chips on the bonnet. The alloy wheels have lost their lacquer and don't polish up too well but have little or no kerbing. The tyres are at about 3mm.  The interior is all good - the drivers side is a wee bit squished by age. The computer no longer works for temp / mpg/ etc (a common fault I believe) and the cruise control gave up the ghost about 5 years ago (no problem to me as it has little motorway use). 

Well that's as honest a description I can make but I would be very happy for it to be viewed - in Reading, Berks.

It's been a great work horse and never let me down, new car forces sale!

I'm looking for £1500

Call me on 07920546026 or message on this site.

It will be going onto Autotrader in the new year, see a few recent pictures now added.

Outback 7.jpgOutback 1.jpgOutback 5.jpgOutback 4.jpg 




Outback with trailer.jpg




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