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GFB Short Shifter fitment


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Initially, I was going to whimp out and get this fitted for me but pride got the better of me in the end and I decided to do it myself...




Ordered mine from https://www.pro-wholesale.co.nz/ in Tauranga.






There are other makes on the market, but I liked the fact that you can fit this from inside the cabin with no requirement to go under the car at all. Plus it's easily available locally.


Instructions are pretty clear but only show up to a 2014 vehicle so they obviously need to be updated as this kit will fit MY 2015/16/17.


First step is to remove the centre console. Lift up the armrest and remove the small mat in the stowage bin to reveal 2 mounting bolts. Remove these with a Phillips head screwdriver or a 10mm socket...



Prise off the handbrake cover to reveal a third screw which also needs to be removed...



The console can then be carefully moved back out of the way...



After unscrewing the gear knob, the gear lever surround comes out next. Gentle pulling backwards and then lifting up from the rear...



Don't pull too hard as you have a wiring connection for the illuminated STi logo. This can be discionnected and the surround put to one side...



Next up, remove the two off white plastic retaining screws to release the rubber boot...



This simply pulls up over the lever....



You are then presented with this...





Next up, you need to remove the reverse lever. GFB provide a nice 'pin remover' tool to make life easier. This uses a pin remover screw to push out the roll pin..



With the pin removed the reverse lock cable will drop down and will be picked up later. You can then underdo the 12mm nut and bolt holding the linkage to the gearstick. Then a pair of circlip pliers is used to remove the circlip retaining the gearstick cup/ball...



After cutting the cable tie which holds the cable to the stick, the stick assemble can be pulled up out of it's socket. Here are the old and new...



And with the relevant parts swapped across...



The new stick is then fitted, circlip added and reverse lock cable pulled up into place so the roll pin can be refitted. The supplied tool is used again, this time in reverse...



I used some new silicone grease to lubricate any moving parts. 12mm nut and bolt are refitted and you can now adjust the throw to suit your preference. Unscrew the bolt on the clamp with the supplied allen key - slide up to shorten the throw and down to lengthen. Just make sure the linkage rod does not hit the metal surround frame in 1st gear....



The trim is then refitted. However, I did hit a small snag with the gear lever surround. With the gear lever now sitting further forward, I couldn't get the surround/leather gaiter into place over the stick. I ended up simply unclipping the leather gaiter from inside - unclipping the black plastic tags and removing the gaiter. With the stick in 4th gear, the surround can be just slotted back in place (remember to reconnect the wiring loom). The leather gaiter then simply clips into place.



Job done - and time for a test drive...




Must say that is a much easier job than I envisioned. Minimal tools required and doesn't take the car off the road for too long.


The result? Does exactly what is says on the box. Throw is shortened from 80mm to 50mm which is just about right for me. Car feels a lot better for the shorter shift and is one of those extremely worthwhile mods.

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