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120,000 miles service


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Hi Guys,


In the next 8 weeks or so I will be getting my 2008 2.0L Diesel Forester MOT'd and serviced.  The car currently has 118,000 miles on it (112,000 when I bought it in March this year and that includes trips from Clydebank to Manchester and Newcastle, so I don't do heavy mileage) so my question is is the 120,000 service a biggy?

Any advice on what my mechanic has to look for (he is not a Subaru specialist) and what the 120,000 mile service entails would be greatly appreciated. 

The engine surges at times when ticking over and my mechanic thinks this might be air getting into the system so any clues about what is causing this would again be appreciated.

Many thanks as usual.......

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