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Thoughts on the 2004 Impreza 1.6


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I will be turning 19 soon and get my 1 years no claims and am thinking of buying a 2004 Subaru Impreza 1.6TS, they're hard to find but if it's a good choice I will wait to get one because I am a huge fan of the blobeye and want one a lot.

I've seen some posts on other forums and because they're AWD making them heavy and being a 1.6 it's slow. But the thing is I will be getting black box insurance so I'll never be going over 60/70 so I'm not bothered about it being slow seing as I currently drive a 54bhp 1.2 VW

Any of you guys had experience with the EJ16 engines? What sort of MPG have you guys got with them and do they have any big problems?

Any information would be super helpful as I don't want to waste a lot of money, Thanks in advance!!

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Black box doesn't measure speed anyway (well, one person I knew that had one 2 or so years ago didn't) although I think they can work it out, it's more like a G sensor that measures if you are the type who accelerates quickly and often slam on the brakes

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They do come in awd i no a lad with a bug wagon 1.6 awd.not very fast but if your not looking to be a boy racer n speed everywere its a good starting point to get your no claims up

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