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Depends on the age of the car.  Older Subarus tend to have a Sigma M30 (older) or S30 (newer....post 2002 I would say) installed by Subaru UK on import.

Earlier cars Subaru UK disabled the OE keyless entry keys and provided 2 x Sigma (albeit Subaru branded) fobs.....later the Sigma transmitter was retrofitted into the OE Subaru keyfobs, thus doing away with the 3rd party fobs....this happened around 2002/3 with the intro of the Bugeye Imprezza and Forester SG.

I wanted new fobs for my 2001 Forester SF recently as the ones that came with the car, whilst still working and in good shape were nearing 16 years old and not as sharp as they used to be.  I bought newer Sigma AC110 type fobs, compatible with the M30 alarm on my car from eBay and they were perfect.....paired no issues and definitely work better.


eBay is your friend, you just need to make sure you get the right fobs to go with the system installed in your car....otherwise stating the obvious they wont work.

Hope this helps.

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