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08-11 radio facia removal


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so someone ask me a while ago how to remove the facia round the radio on a hatchback,so here is my quick guide.

first open passenger door so you can see panel on end of the dash


if you put your finger under the bottom corner and pull it will pop right off,dont have to pull hard


then you will see a screw holding the trim on,remove the screw shown in the picture


once you have the screw out you can pull the trim out towards you,gently pull out and the air vent will pop out


moving along the trim gently pull it out you will hear the tabs click and does feel like the trim is going to break but it wont


when you have the trim unclip't to the centre,pull gently at bottom radio facia and it will pop out,radio facia is held with 5 tabs,one each side and three across top,its also held to the trim under neath with some bigger tabs across bottom were i have mark't red,which you will probably have to unclip with your fingers but may just pop off when out dash


once you have separated the too parts you can reinstall the lower trim in the revers order as you can just push radio facia back on with lower trim in place,you will have to gently bend end trim in to slide air vent back in its hole,once air vent is in just tap along trim to pop clips back in


then you will just have the facia trim to push back on,job done :smile:


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