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I have a Subaru Forester 2010 reg and about a month ago whist on holiday down in Devon a horrible grinding noise developed, took it to a local garage who diagnosed it as a load sensing valve link, (not sure that is the correct name but that is what mechanic called it)   It told me it was nothing serious and just sprayed it with lube and within 24 hours the noise had gone.  Roll forward a month and the noise has come back, the car was due in for a service today anyway so asked them to look at and spay some more lube on as a temp measure and to quote me for a replacement part.  They quoted me £300 for the part alone plus £40 fitting, I have seen the part and it is tiny, thought i would check online first to see if i could get it cheaper or any other suggestions.  From what i am told this part sensed loads or if the car is towing a trailer and adjusts the headlights so that they don't shine up into the air, i don't tow a trailer or carry any particularly heavy loads except two young kids and suitcases for when we go on holiday.

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