Cosworth Badge below Throttle Body on EJ20?

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Hi guys,

I've just removed my Intercooler off my 05 Impreza WRX for the first time after buying it last month to replace what I believe to be a faulty PCV valve and I noticed this badge underneath the Throttle Body.

Seems to be some kind of thermometer in the form of a foil sticker on the top of the block with Cosworth branding on. Just a bit confused considering my car seems to be 100% stock and I dont understand why that would be there, is it a usual thing to find on standard Imprezas?

Not trying to say it's some Cosworth engine or anything :laugh: but i'm just interested to know why it's there as I'm still new to Subaru ownership and would like to know if there was some input from Cosworth when these cars were in the factory.





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