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Radiator hose split big time!


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Hi everyone, I am here with my 1st issue on my 2002 Forester 2.0xt! I was driving yesterday and all of a sudden a cloud of steam came pouring out of my bonnet so I pulled over, popped the bonnet to find a big split in the Upper Radiator Hose and also the expansion tank lid had come open and is now full to the brim with liquid. I am not very knowledgeable of anything mechanical so am unsure why its happened I assume it over heated but I cant say for sure as at the time I wasn't paying attention to that as the stupid Sat Nav had sent me the wrong way so I was trying to find my way back again.


I have included a picture of the split and also tried to get a part number picture as I am struggling to find the correct hose so I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction ad any advice would be great!

Thanks in advance




EDIT - I have done a little research and I now assume it is the head gasket!! I do hope I am wrong



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