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WRX STI Speakers

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Hi everyone

So this is probably been answered before

Picked up my 16 plate WRX STI this week, i intend to keep it pretty much stock, apart from a few touches here and there 

But the speakers...

They have gotta be changed! I want to keep the standard head unit. I know its not best, but i'm happy enough with it , and it does everything i want it to do. 

My thinking is, change the speakers, soundproof the doors (i think there is a lot of hollow in the doors that seem to create the standard 'tinny' sound. 

I don't want beefy bass, i would like a nice clear sound with a bit of depth. Can i achieve that by changing the four speakers and soundproofing the doors? 

Any speaker recommendations? And whilst i know an amp will boost the volume, is it necessary to improve with the standard Head Unit? 

 Any thoughts/recommendations would really help! 

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