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Impreza Classic ABS Fault. PLEASE HELP!:(

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Hi Guys

Im having an issue with my Impreza, the Antilock Brakes Light has come on and will not go away! It came on one day shortly after rear wheel bearings where replaced, I have reset the Battery and it came straight back on without driving anywhere, I have checked both rear sensors by eliminating the sensors with a 1.2k resistor to see if the light would go out but to no avail, I have seen a thread about using the connectors under the dash by plugging the ground prongs into positions 3 & 6 Of the black plug but after looking the plug has only being wired in ports 1 and 2, and plugging the grounds into those ports triggers airbag diagnostics, any other help on the matter would be great!  Attached  picture of the plug I’m talking about just in case




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