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2013- Forester Extras For Sale


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I had to sell my 2015 Forester XT before Xmas and have a shed full of genuine Subaru optional extras that I bought new - dealer fitted - with the car.

I'm not looking for big money - just fair offers and collection from Edinburgh.

 I'm a 12yr Subaru owner and am happy to see the items go to Subaru aficionados.

I haven't posted photos as all the equipment is more or less 'as new', it's all genuine Subaru branded kit and can be viewed on Subaru UK website.

Please pm me if you're interested in anything.


1. Aero Bars (with 2 sets keys) 

2. Large silver Subaru branded roof box (attached to aero bars and set up to fit 2013- Forester with 2 sets keys)

3. Dog Guard

4. Rubber boot protector

5. Rubber Seatback protectors - split 60/40

6. 2no Side Cargo Nets 

7. Sunshades - rear windows and boot area / back window (5no total)


I've also got a Subaru Dog Guard for 2004- Outback / Legacy


Like I say, just looking for fair offers and collection.






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